Saunix Jiu Jistu and Security

Karl C. Saunders is a black belt in Kachido Aiki Jitsu and a black belt under the Renzo Gracie School in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is a certified instructor for weapons training. Clients vary from novice students to well-known corporate executives, actors, and prominent families. Absolute client privacy and confidentiality are assured.  Mr. Saunders is a registered security guard in New York.  He holds concealed carry and open carry rights in various states and cities.

  • Individualized Corporate and Personal self-defense training
  • Training in Kachido Aiki Jitsu & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Executive Protection
  • Executive Security Oversight
  • Weapons Training
  • Private Midwestern training facility and shooting range.
  • 400 yard private training facility equipped with static and auto-reset targets and plate racks.
  • 350 acres available for scenario simulations over various terrains and environments.
  • Private Client professional instruction available for all skill levels.

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